Andre Duchesneau, MFT, PhD


          After 16 years of practice, I am continually  in awe of the courage, tenacity and dignity with which the people I have had the honor to work with have embarked upon their journey to create a more fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful life.

         The decision to enter therapy is an important one and can be the first step in a transformational process. 
Each person who embarks upon this journey must find a safe place where they feel heard and understood so that they may begin to explore and express their deepest thoughts, feelings, dreams, fears, regrets, loss and pain.   

       Those seeking counseling with me are generally experiencing difficulties with intimate relationships, communication, abandonment concerns, eating disorders,  a past or present of abuse and neglect or may be an adult child of an alcoholic parent.   As a result of these traumatic experiences, among others symptoms, they may be  experiencing  anxiety, depression, low self esteem, anger, compulsive eating, guilt and shame.  

           In providing an  atmosphere of respect and compassion in which to work, my goal is to provide insight into patterns of behavior that are not producing desired results, collaborate in making meaningful changes, and to help each individual  begin to stand thoughts and feelings that may have seemed too much to bear in the past. The process of working through past or present trauma and pain can allow one to be more fully present with themself as well as others so that it becomes increasingly possible to create and maintain more meaningful, enduring relationships.

     Mindful of the body/mind connection, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual are considered in an effort to achieve harmony, balance and a sense of well being.

                                                                                             The task is not to seek love and beauty,
                                                                                              but merely to seek and find all the barriers 
                                                                                              you have built against them.


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.